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Incheon Gajaewool Dream Library

메인 투시도-03.jpg

2018 / Library / Competition (Third Prize)

Location :  Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

Site Area :  6,609.80  sqm

Gross Floor Area : 2,996.29 sqm

Building Scope : B1 - 2F

Design : AIN Group (Choi Younghee, Cho Kwangje, Kim Hyejin) 


Space Concept Process

7p 건축계획의 설계개념 및 방향2.png

1. Cognition

2. Emotion

Division of Territory by difference of level

Various Space Plan Considering Children scale

3. Body

4. Sociality

Program space plan connected with self-regulating reading rooms

Place Territoriality on open space using furniture and difference of level

8p 건축계획의 설계개념 및 방향2.png

Design Concept - Various Space Organization along a slope way called '책오름길' 

9p 디자인프로세스.png

Design Process

1. Considering Level of Site 

2. Reasonable Segregation of Pedestrian

4. Planning expanded Safe Playground 

3. Making low for children to use easily

5. Elevation Plan stimulating Visual Interest

6. Represent familiar image using color&pattern for children


Children Reading Room


Multi-media Room


Infant Child Reading Room


Reading Discussion Room

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